Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Results are in!

Battle of the Bold - Fubar

gears qual. finals
Tyler R. 53x13 17.523 17.811
Casey G. 53x13 18.536 18.563
Ben P. 53x13 19.522 19.030
Stu G. 53x13 19.055 19.311
Tod F. 53x13 20.037
Chris W. 48x13 21.074
Frank B. 48x13 23.314
Chuck 48x15 23.563
Sal 49x15 26.105
Pez 46x15 26.326
Casey 46x16 28.328


Amada 46x15 33.971 32.117
Meggie 46x15 34.117

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

practice has begun

up and rolling!

As soon as your team preregisters you can come and do some test runs the goldsprints are up and going.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

system testing has begun

we started getting the bugs worked out and will hopefully be doing some test runs tomorrow

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Training / testing

The rollers will be open for Training and testing for the competitors starting sometime next week when we get the bugs worked out.

Direct questions to Pinellasbikescene@gmail.com or call bullet @ 727-474-3880

OpenSprints @ Keirin Cycles from rydel high on Vimeo.